Accommodation in Yeovil Town Centre

List of hotels/B&Bs in 5 -10 mins walking distance from the Eastville Project Space.

The Terrace Lodge Hotel
13-16 South Western Terrace, Yeovil, BA20 1NB
Budget and pleasant accommodation, around £50 double

Premier Inn Yeovil Town Centre
Key Market House, Middle Street, Yeovil, Somerset BA20 1LT
Brand new this year, around £65-£75 double/family

The Pall Tavern
15 Silver St, Yeovil, BA20 1HW, United Kingdom
Room above the pub! Budget accommodation £45-£55 double/twin

The Green Room
11 Wine Street, Yeovil, BA20 1PW, United Kingdom
Decent and nice room, around £75 double (include breakfast)

The Keep
8 South Street, Yeovil, BA20 1QE, United Kingdom
Boutique style, £75-£95 double


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