Eastville Project Space Micro-Residencies announced

4 artists were selected via an open call to work with Eastville Project Space (eastvilleproject.org.uk) between November 2015 and May 2016. Each artist will be based in Eastville for up to one month; to research and develop artistic projects. They will focus on connecting with the neighborhood community, to support the creation of a unique art programme for Yeovil and its surrounding area. 
Fiona Winning 
The residency programme will begin with artist Fiona Winning. Based in Bristol/Somerset she is a qualified educator and facilitator experienced in working within community environments.  Fiona creates work that combines conversations, social events, and art workshops. Her work often provides a positive impact in terms of building communities and instilling a sense of place for residents.
During her stay in Eastville (between November & December 2015), Fiona will invite people living and working in Eastville and Yeovil to share their ‘treasured’ family culinary secrets.  The project is called EastvillEats and she is looking for anyone interested in taking part to share their favourite recipes and the stories behind them. There will also be a free art workshop to create mono-prints inspired by these recipes and stories.
A celebration event will take place on Saturday 19th December to invite the public to join the artist and participants to share tasty ‘gifts’ of generosity in the run up to the Festive celebrations. The project will be recorded using video, audio and mono-prints made by participants, which we hope will become part of the cultural and historical memory and identity for Eastville.
More information: https://EastvilleEats.wordpress.com or Facebook page: EastvilleEats
‘I’d like the neighborhood to have had a positive experience of engaging in an art project, and to become frequent and curious visitors to the project space.’
To see the documentation and archive of the project, please visit, https://eastvilleproject.org.uk/tastysecret/
Simon Blackmore
Simon Blackmore makes performative sculptures and installations using sound and custom-made technologies. Based in Manchester he has exhibited nationally and internationally, Simon is also a founding member of the award-winning art group Owl Project: known for their distinctive range of wooden musical and sculptural instruments.
During his Micro Residency at Eastville Project Space in February 2016, Simon will work with individuals to use their voice and rhythm to communicate with computer systems. Using custom hardware and software to interact with computers, creating new and unexpected forms of communication.
‘I am excited by the opportunity of opening this musical/technological work out to groups of people in Yeovil and the critical feedback that will be offered by Eastville Project Space.’
Visit the following link for the updates: 
Edwin Stolk
Edwin from the Netherlands has proposed a research project that looks at the social cultural remit of Yeovil and how Eastville Project Space contributes to the future picture of the area. Trained, as a visual artist Edwin Stolk is particularly interested in the social inquiries associated within ‘public space’. Each project starts with his own perception of the place and investigates the specific aspect by exploring the wider concerns related to individuals. His work often initiates discussion and debate regarding the wider social, cultural and political issues; challenging our understanding of the ‘reality’ around us. His recent project at KiK (Art in Kolderveen) supported by Mondriaan Fund, investigated the memories behind a former dairy factory by collaborating with local residents.
During the residency in March/April 2016, Edwin would like to meet residents in Yeovil, in particular within the Easville neighbourhoods who are interested in taking part in his research; through discussions beginning with: When considering the Yeovil environment ‘a painting’, the question is; who made it and what is our role within this landscape?’
For the latest, please visit https://eastvilleproject.org.uk/2016/03/16/micro-residency-edwin-stolk/
John England
Somerset-based artist Jon England is known for his work on the subject of WWI and WII. His work explores the relationships between place, memories and people that connect to historical events. He applies traditional painting and drawing technique to create images of found materials that tell stories. Recently, he created the centerpiece installation ‘Seeds to the Wind – Duty? Honour? Freedom? Sacrifice?’ for the ‘Somerset Remembers’ exhibition for the WWI Centenary at the Museum of Somerset, Taunton. In 2013, his work Operation Chameleon at Fleet Air Arm Museum in Yeovilton included etchings painted in aluminum made in response to the Engineering Department’s pioneering restoration of WWII aircraft.
During his residency between November and April 2016, Jon will work within the area surrounding Eastville to explore architectural, archaeological and social legacies of global conflicts. An interplay will be created between the project space and the world outside, revealing the forgotten, enigmatic or unexpected histories, still inherent in our present day experience of the town. A sharing event will take place on 9 April 2-4pm.
‘Through the residency, I hope to create the connection between today’s residents and previous generations, showing how these histories are part of today’s experience of the town. He would like to create a fresh interpretation of the area by engaging all generations in unexpected ways.’
For the latest, please visit: https://eastvilleproject.org.uk/2016/03/16/micro-residency-jon-england/