Share your culinary secret: EastvilleEats

Part of our micro-residency programme, artist Fiona Winning is working in our space in November & December 2015, inviting people living and working in Eastville and in Yeovil to give up a treasured family culinary secret, prepare it and share it.

The project is called EastvilleEats and she is looking for anyone interested in taking part to share their favourite recipes and the stories behind them.

‘I’d like the neighborhood to have had a positive experience of engaging in an art project, and to become frequent and curious visitors to the project space.’

Public Event

A celebration event will take place on 19th December 4-7pm to invite the public to join the artist and participants to share tasty ‘gifts’ of generosity in the run up to the Festive celebrations. The project will be recorded using video, audio and mono-prints made by participants, which we hope will become part of the cultural and historical memory and identity for Eastville.

More information: or Facebook page:

We are looking for participants to take part in the project. If you are interested, please contact us on

Would you like to be involved?

If yes, please send us your secret recipe or an image of it to Fiona Winning at or write them down including your name and contact details to Eastville Project Space, 2/F Thorne House, Eastville, Yeovil BA21 4JD

You can also share via facebook

About Fiona Winning

Based in Bristol/Somerset she is a qualified educator and facilitator experienced in working within community environments.  Fiona creates work that combines conversations, social events and art workshops. Her work often provides a positive impact in terms of building communities and instilling a sense of place for residents.

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