1st Vending Machine release – 5inch hand lathe cut vinyl single by decadnids

phatic musk by decadnids

phatic musk is a hand lathe cut 5 inch record (CD -size) with two tracks by artist decadnids . This was created specifically for the CD vending machine at Eastville Project Space. Strictly limited to 9 copies only.  5 have already sold out online we have 3 in the physical vending machine at Eastville.
It contains 2 tracks originally written in late 90’s early 00’s. decadnids  claiming these are his favourite tracks he’s ever produced. These have been re-packaged onto a CD-sized hand lathe cut by bladud flies bladudflies.com – packaged in a hand sprayed cd case with custom stickers.
More about decadnids and phatic musk: http://phaticmusk.bandcamp.com/album/phatic-musk-by-decadnids

About Vending Machine Project

Open call for artists and musicians to release limited editions in that fit into a standard CD case. We are looking for ideas and projects. If you are interested to take part, please contact info@eastvilleproject.org.uk