The Making of A Momentum by Edwin Stolk

‘When considering the Yeovil environment ‘a painting’, the question is; who made it and what is our role within this landscape?’

This is the question asked by our residency artist Edwin Stolk. During his stay in Yeovil (between 4th to 10th April) he would like to ‘meet’ the daily ‘making’ of Yeovil and the Eastville neighbourhood in particular. Edwin started an online research since being selected for the residency. In his website, you will find seven images that Edwin found on the internet about Yeovil which attracted his interest.
‘I would like to invite the local community, people that are interested in the power of the ‘image’ to get in touch with me. Don’t wait, but feel free to send me an email right away. By analysing the current situation, new ideas might arise which touch a common interest. This will help the making of a momentum and influence today’s scenery.’
If you would like to contribute to his research, please contact Edwin directly by Email or follow him via Twitter
Public Events
We would like to invite you to join the artist for a ‘Walk and Talk’ on the 6th, 7th and 8th April across the selected landmarks in the town, including The Old Cinema,  Hundred Stone, New Town and Wyndham Hill.  Meet at 1pm at Eastville Project Space BA21 4JD. Each walk is about 1 hr and will end in a town centre location.  Free event, please make sure you have suitable foot wear and clothing for the weather.
On 9th April 2-4pm, join us for a gathering with the artist, to hear more about his previous projects and his findings during his stay in Yeovil. Come and join us to share your memories and views about Yeovil. FREE event, refreshments available.
Event suitable for all ages. For more information, please visit
Or contact Zoe & Stephen on or
via facebook:
About Edwin Stolk
Trained as a visual artist, Edwin considers himself the initiator of collaborative visual interventions. His practice focuses on the public space as a scene for social enquiries. All these projects differ in form and focus based on site specific needs and possibilities. For more about Edwin, please visit his website
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