THE PINK SHED TAKE OVER at Supernormal Festival

We (Eastville Project Space) are ‘TAKING OVER THE PINK SHED’ at this year’s Supernormal Festival (5-7 August, Braziers Park, Oxfordshire) – without a doubt the best 3 days you can have in a field this year!!

Documentation of the event here.

Inside the Shed:

‘How We Communicate’ an installation by Simon Blackmore
Simon Blackmore makes performative sculptures and installations using sound and custom-made technology. He is also a founding member of the art group Owl Project. Known for their distinctive range of wooden musical and sculptural instruments.

For Supernormal Simon will show a new sound installation called “How we Communicate”. Developed at Eastville Project Space in collaboration with local singers, the work explores using human voice to transmit digital information across the Pink Shed.The work utilises directional speakers, parabolic microphones and displays to mimic how computers send and receive information.

Afternoon Workshops and Talks
Confirmed so far:
Tim Hill presents ‘The Island of Noise’ (an anti-lecture)- exploring the British love of noise, how we use it in celebration and ritual and some of the roots of modern noise making.

Workshop: family noise workshops/carnival, with songs and chants about noise, junk instruments kazoos etc.

More to be announced shortly …..

Afternoon/Evening Collaborative Performances
Eastville will be hosting an intimate performance space around the Pink Shed, encouraging collaboration and additional performances from various artists appearing at this years Supernormal. More details to follow – final running order and artists will be announced throughout the festival.

Evening Film/Moving Image Events:
After dark – the Pink Shed will become an intimate venue for film screenings/performances. Full program to follow …

Morning Therapy Sessions – The ASMR Parlour
Enter the ASMR Parlour and experience an ear-tingling pleasure of your choice. The perfect way to relax and rejuvenate tired ears. Our treatments are delivered on an individual basis, giving you an intimate, tailored ASMR experience that will excite your receptors and relax your mind.
Professional micro-rummagers Henry and Robin are trained in the delicate art of Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response therapy. Select from a range of YouTube’s favourite ASMR triggers, or we will endeavour to work with you to deliver your dream bespoke treatment.
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