Synth Building Workshop and Eastville Vending at Supersonic Festival 2017

We are delighted to take part in SuperSonic Festival in Birmingham (16-18 June).
Our director and founder Stephen Ives will guide the participants through making their very own Atari Punk Console – a standalone, palm-sized synth with built-in amp and speaker for portable noise-goodness. A great project for beginners and young people, or just those who love to make noise, spend a little time soldering and walk away with a lovely little addition to your sonic armoury.
Throughout the festival, we will put together a display Farmer Glitch’s Noise Machines, and set up our own merch store, Eastville Vending to include the synth building kits, a selection of limited edition artworks and latest releases from our associate artists: Gary Dickins, Lisa Cheung, IX Tab, Assembled Minds and more.
Links: Eastville Vending / Yeovil Hacker Space / Farmer Glitch / Supersonic Festival 2017