It is all coming together!!!

From Thursday 24th May to Saturday 1st June artist Lisa Cheung (Spain/London) & Designer Sammy Delgado Escobar (Konvertible Konvertible) (Spain/Columbia) design and build the mobile unit functions as display and sculpture for Let’s Build. We turned our main space as a working studio, kitted out with tools and filled with materials for the project. Day after day, the sculpture began to take shape.

The design is responding to the overall project and working in collaboration with other project artist Farmer GlitchPaul Stickland and Fiona Winning.


During the build week, Lisa and Sammy also involved students from Bucklers Mead AcademyYeovil Men’s Shed and other skills individuals in contributing the creation of the sculpture. We thanks for all the support from everyone involved in the project.