Exhibition: Hinterlands

12 – 22 October, 2018
Open Daily Monday-Friday 10am – 4pm
Saturday & Sunday 10am – 5pm
‘Hinterlands’ brings together eight emerging artists working in mediums of Illustration, Fine Art & Sculpture.
Showcasing a variety of strong diverse artistic styles & subject matter often figurative in nature, covering topics as broad as social & political issues, spiritualism, topography, architecture, shape/form & tribalism. This exhibit features many new works created specifically for inclusion in this show.
Prints, T-Shirts & original art will be for sale throughout the week.
About the artists
Stupid Stupid Meathole
Having been directly inspired by Bristol’s Street art scene, Stupid Stupid Meathole, sought to create his own artistic niche with brightly coloured gurning, psychosomatic illustrations acting as a stream of consciousness spilling out on to canvas and wall.
Ollie Farthing
Graduating from University College Falmouth, Ollie pursued a freelance career as a scenic artist for stage in London. He currently works as a graphic designer in Shoreditch.
 His illustrative work encompasses traditional and modern methods using paint, ink, vectors or photoshop. He explains,
“The work presented within this show represents experimentations in illustration whether it is dark, gothic and traditional or modern and commercial, at this stage it’s all
 about finding your niche and having fun with it.”
Francesca Toomey
A UAL Wimbledon graduate, Francesca has worked with the world famous Madame Tussauds creating hyper realistic sculptures and commissions. She is currently based in South West England.
Elizabeth Caires
Originally from Portugal, Elizabeth’s work features characteristically brightly coloured tribal imagery acknowledging her African roots, while introducing otherworldly creatures and personas to explore aspects of visual storytelling.
Charlotte Fallows
Charlotte graduated from Cardiff School of Art and Design where she honed her artistic skills & continues to create a palette of kaleidoscopic colours and bold lines reflecting on landscapes & the female form.
A Bristol based artist, mixing his own aerosol paint colours to create stimulating complex often non-linear, wild fluorescent graphics that feature symbols & characters that leap from the artists can.
Orwellx (Adam Farrar)
Adam is a UAL illustration graduate of Camberwell UAL immersed in pointillist illustration. His slow methodical work discusses world issues, but also introduces an element of abstract mythical hallucinogenics.
L Ryan
An amalgamation of botanical, ancient architecture & multilayered eye bulging graphics are all traits of L Ryans work, with nods to the history of graffiti with his own contemporary spin.
Prints & original art available to purchase throughout the week, including items for sale by the Drawn to Ink collective.