Yeovil Creatives Pop-up Exhibition @ Quedam

23 May – 29 June
Unit 11, Vicarage Walk, Quedam Shopping Centre

An annual exhibition put together by artists and creatives in and around Yeovil, featuring a wide range of works. The exhibition opened Thursday, Fridays & Saturdays 11am – 5pm.
Participating Artists (A-Z):
Rebecca Bruton (Textile)
Chris Burr (Paintings)
Rhiannon Cross (Drawings)
Jess Egan (Drawing, Paintings)
Charlotte England (Illustration, Prints)
Esther Jeanes (Paintings)
Emily Kirk (Paintings)
Jill Lackford (Paper)
Carolyn Lefley (Photography)
Zoe Li (Prints)
Amanda Lynch (Sculptures, Mixed Media)
Jo Martin (Mixed Media)
Stéphanie Max-Dubos (Prints, drawings)
Chris Newman (Illustration, drawings)
Silja Swaby (Paper, Mixed Media)
Lupe Velazquez (Paintings)