BBC Radio 4 – New Weird Britain

Last year during our Wyrd Wild West festival, music journalist John Doran and producer Alannah Chance, travelled down to our studio in Yeovil to record interviews with Farmer Glitch and Saxon Roach (IX Tab) addressing the underground movement of musicians, blossoming in the margins of Britain.

The series was divided into four parts: Urban Hinterlands, Post-Industrial Towns, Coastal Underground and Radical Rural.

” They are living off-grid in the countryside, building their own instruments out of electronic junk, staging strange rituals with priests smeared in clay or even performing with a team of dancers dressed as anatomically correct vaginas which squirt cream over the audience. “

Contributors included Elizabeth Bernholz, aka Gazelle Twin, David Chatton Barker, Layla and Phil Legard from Hawthonn, Saxon Roach, Farmer Glitch and Richard Skelton.

The full program can be streamed via the BBC Radio 4 website here.