Event 17th October 2015

Images kindly provided by Allen Upton, Joy Merron and Georgina Conroy.

Above captured the evening event on 17th October 2015 during Somerset Art Weeks 2015. Featuring collaborative performances between visual artists and musicians. Including:

  • A display of the results from our resident artist Gavin Morris – an interactive light/sound installation.
  • A sound performance from music collective TIPEX (Henry Collins and Robin Foster) using found objects, vocal improvisations, food, spoken word, field recordings and physical performance;
  • A collaborative performance features shiftdress designed and made by artists from seam Collective, accompanied by a soundscape generated by hand-made sound machines using salvage objects created by Farmer Glitch.
  • An eclectic mix of electronic, keyboard, bass and guitar. New sound collaborative between Matt Saunders(Electronic/Keyboard), Farmer Glitch (Electronic/Objects) and Graham Fallows (Bass/Guitar)
  • Also on show are the Yeovil Fanzines Exhibition and new work by Gary Dickins.