Pink Shed Takeover @Supernormal Festival (5-7 August 2016)

We are invited to provide a partnership programme around the ‘Pink Shed’ at Supernormal Festival this year. The ‘Pink Shed’ has been one of the key elements for the Festival, a space for commissions and showcasing work by invited artists and organisations in the UK, such as Isllington Mill (Liverpool) in 2015 and Melanie Clifford in 2014. Eastville provided a programme of art installations, performances, events and workshops during the three days festival and created an intimate performance space around the Pink Shed, encouraging collaboration and additional performances from various artists.

  • Art Installation: ‘How We Communicate’ an installation by Simon Blackmore
  • Art Installation: ‘The Globe’ by Gavin Morris
  • Collaborative Performances: Tim Hill, Matt Saunders, Farmer Glitch & guests
  • Workshop: ‘Atari Punk Console, PunkSeq10, HalfWatt’ by Farmer Glitch
  • Morning Therapy Sessions: ‘The ASMR Parlour’ by Henry Collins & Robin Foster
  • Family workshops

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