Yeovil Creatives

A networking group gathers creative people living and working in the Yeovil area.

Started in 2017, we had created more than 20 exhibitions and events in Yeovil, including to work with partnership with The Hub and Quedam Shopping Centre. Yeovil Creatives is supported by Eastville Project Space and now is running by a group of dedicated individuals, who contribute their time and effort on a voluntary basis.  

We welcome artists, musicians, writers, designers, makers, and anyone who would like to share their creative ideas and make Yeovil a vibrant place for the arts.  Join our membership £15/year to showcase your work at our exhibitions and events, and access to professional advice and peer support from our members.

Our monthly meeting every 3rd Wednesday of the month, 6-8pm to include mini-workshops and presentations from our members and guests. Welcome members and non-members to attend. (Please Note: Due to Covid restriction, our meeting is suspended until further notice)

To find out more About Yeovil Creatives Networks, please go to